I allow myself to be satisfied with my day
I allow myself to be satisfied with my day
by the author at Prescott Lee

Are you satisfiable?

As a perennial overachiever, I’ve realized that being satisfied with my achievements on any given day is a choice. Instead of comparing myself to some unattainable goal, I’ve chosen to find satisfaction in the things I enjoy and the small steps I take toward something new, knowing that they contribute to the larger whole. If I can be satisfied with just one day at a time, maybe I can create a whole life that is satisfying.

For example when I set out to create a visual format for my website posts, I used the affirmation,

I am…

Use the power of words to connect with readers

Tactics Don’t Always Solve Writers Block

It’s easy to think you can solve writer’s block with some new writing strategy: doing it at the right time of day, using the right writing app, finding the perfect background noise, finding the perfect lesson or method. What I’ve found is that writing flows naturally when I am connected to my heart, and I take a moment to form a conscious connection to the hearts of my readers.

The next time you sit down to write something, take a deep breath into your heart. Feel your own love for what you are writing about. Then imagine your readers. They…

Use the power of words to make your day, every day

Bright joyful heart
Bright joyful heart
by the author

As a writer and word-lover, I’m a big proponent of affirmations. Over the years, they have helped me stay centered in my truth, on track with my highest potential, and become more loving in my relationships while creating better boundaries. Here’s how my approach has evolved over time:

In 2013, I began writing daily affirmations as an adaptation to my morning writing practice. As a way to summarize the insights gathered from my writing session, I wrote an affirmation before closing my notebook and beginning my day. I found over time that I was changing my neural pathways. The affirmations…

The discomfort from change can bring out the worst in us as well as the best in us. Life’s transitions can seem overwhelming, stressful, and sometimes downright scary. If you want change bring out more of the best of you instead of the worst of you, read on. I’ve developed these reflections and affirmations to manage change gracefully over more than 30 moves in my lifetime and numerous changes in jobs, relationships, and physical health.

1. Acknowledge that you are in transition.

Just acknowledging the fact that you’re in a transition can take a lot of pressure off — and remembering that you have been through many…

Have a delightful day by reading these words to set you on your way

In my article “Claim Your Right to Delight,” I reminded readers of all the good things going on, all day, every day.

Let it sink in further by reading these affirmations.

Image of affirmations below on patterned background.
Image of affirmations below on patterned background.
Corresponding Print at Prescott Lee

Today I notice how Universe delights in the opportunity to experience itself as me.

I take delight in the insights and intuition that appear effortlessly in my mind.

I share my delight with others, spreading smiles as I go about my day.

My heart delights in this exchange of happiness and goodwill.

I take actions that delight myself and others.

I delight in my creative gifts and how easily…

All day, every day, the world is working for your delight.

Printable at Prescott Lee

There’s a lot to be delighted about. Right now, a hummingbird is diving into a new flower. Bees are returning to their hives, where the latest round of pollen will be converted to honey. Somewhere, a dog is wagging its tail as its person comes home. A cat is prancing around its bowl, waiting for food. Meanwhile, plants and trees are exploding with flowers, growing delicious fruit as millions of people engage in cultivating and harvesting them, for your benefit. A cook is coming up with their next culinary masterpiece to delight local tastebuds.

Today, a parent or caregiver is…

Improve your powers of discernment so you don’t get lost like I did

by Prescott Lee

One of the keys to making great choices is discernment. Discernment is all about knowing what’s right for you and being clear on your intentions.

Choice overload

It’s harder than ever to make choices. Not only do we have more options than ever before, we’re also exposed to people who are at various levels of doing whatever it is they’re doing, which may be something we also want to do. Then we end up comparing our amateur attempts to someone who’s been at it for years.

Advice (selling)

On top of that, there are a ton of people on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Medium, and…

Gain clarity right away with these words to make your day

Source: Prescott Lee

These affirmations for discernment were written to help you be more discerning on a daily basis.

As you read them, be aware of your body, which is a great discerning mechanism. When contemplating a choice, your body can feel excited, energized, or icky depending on what it is. It also might feel a little scared when you find something that’s going to open you up to a new level of you.

Tune into your body, your heart, and lastly your rational mind to ensure the choice is something you have money and time to follow through with.

May you continue…


How to edit your writing to match your intent

“Swimming in the sea of syntax” over a wave-like background
“Swimming in the sea of syntax” over a wave-like background
By the Author, Prescott Lee

One of the problems I often see in writing is a lack of intent. It’s often not clear why the writer is writing. To convince? To promote understanding? To motivate the reader to action? To inspire? To promote empathy? To entertain?

Words are the tools with which you express your intent, and syntax is how you arrange the words to meet your intent.

Boundaries and intent are inherently tied together. If you think about any form of technology, it exists within a boundary, and you bring your intent to the interactions within that boundary. Writing works in a similar way.

How your mind can gaslight you with images from the past

5 snapshots of young men in the 1970s, three with the author as a baby
5 snapshots of young men in the 1970s, three with the author as a baby
Five of my uncles and me, ~1972. Can you guess which one was creepy?

My mother came from a big family. There were a lot of uncles around when I was young: her three brothers and the husbands of three of her sisters. My biological father was married to someone else and didn’t know I existed, so my uncles were the first paternal figures in my life.

There was one uncle who I thought was creepy. He always stood around at family gatherings, looking at me with this weird grin. His hair was slick and greasy, and he would take something out of his pocket to show me in this weird way that made…

Lee Ann Prescott

Wisdom seeker with a joyful heart. Author of Inspiration Station newsletter. www.prescottlee.com

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